Create and Cultivate Life-Giving Relationships

We all need connections with others to do life, and do it well. The problem is when one of those connections leaves us feeling disappointed, drained, or even frustrated. If you feel there is something lacking in one or more of your relationships, and want to learn the tools to get the most out of each and every one of them, then this is for you…
You’ll learn to identify a life-giving relationship by some key traits:
  • The relationship GIVES as much as it takes
  • The relationship ENERGIZES you
  • The relationship makes you BETTER
We’ll explore all types of relationships, from marriage to friendship to coworkers, and discover how you can bring EACH of these situations into alignment with scripture.

This is just a glimpse…there is SO much more!

    Hi, I’m
    Janice R. Anderson (@janiceranderson) is a vision builder and life innovator. She serves as a coach, strategic advisor, and communications consultant with clients who lead in over 30 industries.

    She is the Founder of Significant Life, a coaching program offering women of influence a safe space to be encouraged and equipped whether she needs to “get-it-done” or “come undone.”

    She is the CEO of Moruwa Consulting, a full-service marketing agency for leaders who want to build, brand, and expand their vision. Janice is an author, sought-after speaker, and licensed minister.

    She and her husband Maurice live in Atlanta, Georgia, where they share the adventurous call of raising three daughters, Jasmine Janai, Jada Keryn, and JourneyMonae´.

    This free resource includes the tools that you need to learn to navigate the messy parts of your relationships (and EVERY relationship has messy parts). Stop WISHING for positive life-giving connections with others in your life, and start living it out TODAY!

    You are a strong woman -- a daughter of God, the Creator of the Universe. Don’t go another day without the tools to help you cultivate a solid support -- through deep, meaningful study times, a victorious prayer life, and a vibrant, thriving, relationship with God!

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